The Return

Dear internet,

In my decade(s) of computer ownership, I have never, not once spilled anything on my computer. And then, just like that, a 20 ounce glass of water, slipped out of my hands and onto, all over my computer.

There are not enough sad face emojis to describe how I felt.

I had not backed up any files for a year. Which I actually felt pretty good about. I am a believer in the zen of accidental erasure of one’s digital existence. My theory is, if it was really important, I would have emailed it to myself at some point.*

So there we were, two adult humans in 2020, without a functional computer. I immediately ordered a new computer with a variety of upgrades because I am a total computer snob. And apple was all “bleep bloop bloop your computer will be here at the end of july.” (!???) But very fortunately Babbo’s computer broke before mine and his computer is here now and so am I. I missed you, giant  screen to gaze at the Information Superhighway, and real keyboard.

If any one is still out there, thanks for sticking around. Stay tuned for exciting tales of plumbing disasters; my trip to the DC DMV using the somewhat functional appointment system; how I personally am beating the DC heat and humidity (spoiler: I most certainly am not); some quarantine food rankings; et cetera and et celery.



*All of il bambino’s photos are backed up to the cloud. yes i have very mixed feelings about corporations using personal photos to hone their facial recognition software to make $$$ selling it to shady entities. but at the same time, i have to be responsible. by high school, all the children of millennials will have 1,000,000 photos of their childhood, anything less would be like, did my parents even care, they only took 10 photos of me trying sweet potato for the sixth time?