Making an appointment with the DC DMV

Dear internet,

Is there anything less interesting that gong to the DMV? Probably writing about going to the DMV. But, if you are curious, here is my experience:

I had some urgent DMV business to attend to, so as soon as DC opened up their appointment system back in May, I logged in and got an appointment for…two months later.

Two weeks go by, and I get an email saying, “we’re opening up all four of our service centers, there are more appointments, go to this link to reschedule if you want an earlier appointment.” So I logged in, made an earlier appointment, done. Went to my appointment, everyone wearing a mask, only taking it off for the photo, easy.

Every time I’ve gone to the DMV in DC, people are nice and chill, from the employees to the customers. Other states I’ve lived in, police officers are posted to the DMV because the customers get into fights with the agents. Like lunging across the counter, angry that the DMV won’t give them a license, just because a judge took their license away.

Working at the DMV must be so frustrating. You know all the things that people need to bring for their applications, but they don’t, so it’s like every day is groundhog day with a grumpy idiotic public.