Two good meals lately

Dear internet, 

Not exactly part of my quarantine meal ranking because these are recipes we make a lot, but they turned out well.

Salmon and Crispy Potatoes
Salmon and Crispy Pan Potatoes
Pressure cooker beef stew
Pressure cooker Beef and Potatoes

The beef comes from Roseda Farm, bought it at Giant. The first time we made this recipe with the Roseda meat, I was suspicious.

“It smells weird,” I said.

“That’s how meat is supposed to smell,” Babbo said, sniffing the air appreciatively. “That other stuff at the grocery store is fake plastic meat.” 

Babbo loves this beef; he said it tastes like the kind of meat that is widely available in Europe, better than any of the other beef options at Whole Foods, etc. So now it’s the only beef we buy.