Avoiding the oven

Dear internet,

With the heat index way way up there, I have two goals:

  1. Do not turn on the oven
  2. No sad lettuce salads.

So basically all my meals are instant pot or microwavable. First up, I bought some yellow summer squash. I sliced it thinly and microwaved it 5 min. Delicious cold.

Second up, I steamed asparagus, then dressed them in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and salt. Really good! To steam the asparagus, I wrap them in a few layers of damp paper towels and microwave 5 minutes. Also works for green beans.

It’s time to move on to actual recipes. Mark bittman’s Corn Tomato Basil salad. Which is just corn, tomato, basil, salt, pepper, vinegar/lemon and olive oil. My kind of cooking. It calls for raw corn. But I’m not a farm animal, so I will be steaming the corn. Updates forthcoming.



P.S. I love the microwave. I knew someone whose family kept the microwave in the garage when they were growing up, because they were afraid of radiation. As a child I used to love to stand in front of the microwave while it operated.