DC’s new masks in public mandate

Dear internet,

So DC is now requiring masks everywhere in public.

When the whole coronavirus outbreak started, I was really annoyed at the concept of masks because I thought they served no health-related purpose.* And it’s true that ye olde DIY mask is not an effective barrier to germ transmission. However, wearing a mask does serve a public health purpose, in that it keeps people distant from each other. It’s like a reminder that you shouldn’t get too close. So I changed my mind. Masks are fine. 



*It is kind of remarkable at how spending 4 months sheltering in place has suddenly turned everyone into a scientific expert (based entirely on the conspiracy videos popping on my youtube feed.) I just watched a video about how there is no coronavirus, delivered by a professor…of communications. Yes, an expert in *communications* is pontificating on science.

It’s like people are too stupid to realize how stupid they are. 

Confidence: what substitutes for knowledge in our postmodern world.