warm fridge, frosty freezer

Dear internet,

Over the past few weeks I noticed that our fridge wasn’t getting that cold. Conversely, our freezer was building up frost. 

But you know, nobody wants to admit something is wrong with a major appliance during a pandemic. Especially when that appliance is the one that you use to store all the food you buy on a weekly basis.

“Does the refrigerator feel warm to you?” I’d ask Babbo.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It feels…cool-ish. By the way, we should buy another water filter pitcher because the water just isn’t getting cold enough.”

Yeah,” I said. “It’s just coming out of the faucet so warm. You know. DC summer. The water comes from outside. It can’t cool down enough in the pipes.”

Whereas when we opened the freezer, the kitchen became enveloped in a cloud of cold air. Peering inside the freezer, all the food was coated in frost.

“I don’t think it should be doing that?” I said.

“Maybe it’s the humidity?” Babbo said. “I mean, it’s so hot. Maybe the humidity* is causing a frost build-up.”

And thus we spent a few weeks living in denial. If our fridge were the titanic, we’d be those ding-dongs on the deck saying, “does it feel like the boat is leaking?” “maybe? maybe it’s a little wet?”

But then, the God of Clueless Apartment Dwellers Struggling With Their Appliances descended upon us, in the form of Bob vila’s internet website. And it suddenly occurred to me that all our troubles started after we stuffed the freezer full of food, putting our freezie packs from our work lunch bags in the ice dispenser box. Normally the freezie packs live in the door, but we were using that for the loaves of bread, and honestly when was the last time we needed a freezie pack…

“I think…I think the freezie packs are blocking the fan, which is keeping the air from circulating from the freezer down to the fridge!” I said. I started pulling ice packs out of the ice tray.

“We should just take the whole ice tray out,” Babbo said. 

“You can take the ice tray out?” I asked.

And after we took out the ice tray and dumped in the sink, then turned off the auto ice dispenser, and wiped down the frosty parts of the fridge…we heard the most beautiful sound. The fridge motor/fan inner workings kicked up. The frost disappeared. And hopefully, hopefully, our fridge will get really cold again.



*Babbo comes from a place with zero humidity. Well, there is humidity, but it’s laughably low, except people will always say “OMG it’s so HUMID” when the humidity is, at best, 12%. It’s hot because it’s 40 degrees out. Not because of the 12% humidity. Poor Babbo. Summer in DC is very hard on him.