Dear internet,

I said I’d never bought a lottery ticket, but that’s not entirely true. I have definitely bought lottery tickets abroad.* It’s just more charming, sort of like how McDonalds in Paris is tres chic because the floors are marble and the employees all have benefits and paid sick leave, so chi chi!

Have I ever bought a lottery ticket in a gas station with an attendant behind bulletproof glass (which is there to protect the station owner from liability), scratching at it with my thumbnail, my styrofoam cup of hot French Vanilla cappuccino sat atop a grimy counter? No. which is weird because I am definitely of age to buy lotto in the US and I enjoy scratching things, so ??? Perhaps it’s my repressed puritan soul.

The thing is, I do take risks. I moved to different cities for work, I got married, I had il Bambino. There is nothing quite so exhilarating as a job offer, a marriage proposal, the seconds before you read a pregnancy test, to make you feel like you could win everything and lose everything at the same time. 



*I blame the mania of travel, that makes you feel like doing things far outside of your comfort zone, like wearing maxi dresses or going on a cliff walk, even though at home you don’t even like to ride in the glass elevator at the mall.