Childcare in DC

 Dear internet,

During the heat wave I saw two little kids sitting on the curb next to a construction site. Their dad was working, he brought them to work with him. It was a really hot day and the kids were just sitting there, waiting very patiently with water bottles.

Meanwhile I go to the park and there are nannies nannies nannies everywhere. 

I don’t get it. The people who hire nannies have an education, jobs, money. they aren’t a construction worker without any other options.  they also aren’t royalty, for whom having nannies and governesses is all part of the deal.

How does a parent bond with a kid one hour a day? They can’t. it’s like they are the biological parents, and the nanny is the actual parent. That’s childcare in DC.

And the nannies in the park are all kind of…just there. They are sitting on the bench, talking to the other nannies. They are on their phones, talking to someone else. The kids sit there on a blanket, or strapped into a stroller. If they are older, they play with other kids at the park. The kids and nanny interact to make requests, but that’s it. Nanny and children sit there, just suffering through this grim outdoor activity together.

The thing is, it’s really fun to spend all day with il Bambino and Babbo. 

People ask me, aren’t you worried about going back to work after taking time off to raise your baby? And I’m like, no, I’ve been working since I was 16, full time since I was 20, I don’t think it will be problematic for me to find another job.* I have my whole life to work. Only a few years to raise my small human.



*I don’t get all those think-pieces about people on the mommy-track. Guess what, if you’re not the CEO, you’re being exploited in your job. Might as make your life happy because nobody else cares about that but you.