A statement or a question (?)

Dear internet,

  1. Should I stop using exclamation points? It’s a fun and kicky way to end a sentence ! But also rings slightly insincere. Even though I’m sincerely excited!*
  2. Constantly it feels like there is something to clean in the apartment. Babbo and I spend fully 50% of the day sweeping and scrubbing and tidying.
  3. Groceries cost 50% more than they did before the pandemic started. All our gas and entertainment budget has been funneled into food. And we get no take-away food, just good ole groceries from Whole Foods/amazon warehouse/giant/safeway. We always buy the same things, and yet prices have skyrocketed. There are no sales at all. Quite awful.
  4. I always have my phone in sleep mode, it’s a great way to live, except when I lose my phone and then it is very hard to find it by calling myself.
  5. I haven’t gotten mail for three days because of the postal strike. I think postal workers should make double whatever they make because it must be a very frustrating job. the mail never ends. which is endless horrifying. or reassuring



*conversely I never use question marks in my texts, i leave it up to my interlocutor to decide if it’s a statement or a question