Homesickness without leaving home

Dear internet,

It hit me yesterday pretty hard, the feeling of being tired of all the covid-19 restrictions on activities. I live in DC but all I do is take walks and stay in my flat. Possibly this feeling was enhanced by the building AC breaking on a day with a heat index of 102.

The building AC wasn’t broken, but the management decided yesterday, a day with a heat index of 102,* was the day to do “necessary repairs.” they switched off the ac at 10 am and the heat crept up and up.

That is how I found myself around 2 pm yesterday, sitting in my air-conditioned car with a napping il Bambino stretched out like a koala on my body, thinking, how did we get here? In normal times I would have gone to some air-conditioned place, chilled with my family, heck, gotten a hotel if it was really bad. But instead, the best and really only option is sitting in a running car with the AC on blast.

We made it work, but should we really have had to make it work? How much energy do we have to keep making it work?



*I cannot believe the building management couldn’t have waited until literally any other day this week when the weather was predicted to be in the 80s, to complete the repairs. There are a lot of elderly people / some babies in the building. Sadists.