A Snafu with Amazon Prime Whole Foods

Dear internet,

What is more important, pictures or words?

I have been dealing with such a snafu with amazon prime Whole Foods. I wanted to order a milk chocolate almond bar. Great. I type in “milk chocolate almond” and it pops up on my screen with a photo of a dark chocolate bar. But the description says “milk chocolate almond.” Okay. I order it anyway. But what do I get? a dark chocolate bar.

So the next time I ordered, I looked up the dark chocolate bar. There was a picture of the milk chocolate bar with almonds. Okay! I ordered based on the photo and I got…the milk chocolate bar with almonds! I did it. I outsmarted the computer algorithm.

Now If only I could get the delicious 365 strawberry conserves. it is the best jam I’ve ever eaten but the last two times I have ordered, they sent me the strawberry spread. EGADS. spread is not conserves!!! Meanwhile Babbo wants straight up strawberry jelly, and Whole Foods does not sell strawberry jelly (he is very opposed to chunks in preserves, salsas, et cetera; whereas I live for the chunky textures in my food.)