Humidity, NGA, Versus, Car seat, Nightlight

Dear internet,

  1. The intense summer humidity and heat has returned. I did not take a morning walk. I will probably not take a morning walk all week.
  2. I briefly considered getting tickets to the NGA. Somewhat complicated to pick a time based on il bambino’s napping and eating schedule. However, when I read that they need everyone’s name in case of covid contagion, I was like, “nah, probably don’t want to do that.”
  3. It is a tension between this is a wonderful time in family versus this is a stressful time because coronavirus lurks round every corner.
  4. I bought a new car seat because the old car seat (britax) sucked. the chest clip did not work–I couldn’t open it nor close it properly, and it seemed wildly unsafe. so I bought a clek seat. I spent an embarrassingly long time comparing the clek fllo and clek foonf until realizing I needed the fllo because it’s just a little lower in the seat, so the driver has better visibility. Plus, I can’t use rigid latch in the middle of the back seat, which is where I’d like to put the car seat. So fllo it is.
  5. We need a nightlight for il bambino. there are many, many cute options on the internet. ideally I would pick a nightlight like Louise belcher on bob’s burgers.