New car seat

Dear internet,

“Hear that click?” Babbo asked. “The other car seat never made that noise.”

I nodded appreciatively.

The britax marathon car seat was defective (the chest clip never clicked in right). I should have known better than to buy their product because britax also owns Bob strollers which had a terrible defect (the front wheel popped off randomly, causing terrible crashes for babies.)

I bought a Clek Fllo and after much study of the instructional installation videos and some concerted effort in the car, I installed the new seat. Click click click the straps fastened fine. Clek has a 30-day return policy so we can try it out and make sure it’s what we want. 

so when it comes to clek fllo vs. britax marathon convertible car seat , right now clek fllo is winning.

I like Canadian baby products, I think the Canadian safety standards are much better than the US standards. The Canadians were the first to require the anti-rebound bar in car seats. They banned the rock n’ play, and sleeping in play yards. Meanwhile in the US, the regulators ask companies to make their products safer, but there’s little to no enforcement. And then we all lose, because American parents have unsafe products and the companies, some day, might have to spend lots of money settling lawsuits. Wouldn’t it be better to just correct things as needed instead of denying there’s a problem?

yours in cynical idealism,