Kitchen towels

Dear internet,

I need better kitchen towels.

In a fit of improving my life whilst stuck at home with all the covid-19 restrictions, I got rid of our dish rack. Because it took up a bunch of counter space and just got yucky every day with a build up of who-knows-what on the plastic draining dish and the metal pointy parts you put dishes on. I would buy and throw away new dish racks every six months or so, because no matter how much I cleaned them, they still had little gross bits stuck in the crevasses (if I had a large sink that I could fill with water and a little bleach, I could probably have cleaned the rack just fine. But, it’s almost impossible to find bleach, so that’s out.)

Anyway, I realized I didn’t really need a dish rack. Just a good kitchen towel and a bowl that I could put dishes in as they dried/waited for the towel dry. Voila! Except the towels I bought three months ago are 100% cotton and 100% crap, because they get wet, don’t dry out effectively. I use them to dry my hands, too, and drying your hands on a wet towel is so yuck. Plus I think it’s bad for my hands.

I need new kitchen towels. I don’t really care where they come from, they just have to be absorbent and dry quickly. Williams Sonoma has good reviews, I sort of hate how frou-frou W-S is, but I”d rather have towels that work than el cheapo towels that don’t. Stay tuned.