The slightly threatening sun

Dear internet,

A few days ago, I noticed a stunning sunset. The sun was a large pink disk hanging low in the sky. Felt like we were on Venus.

It was a bit puzzling, but you know how things are. When they are almost okay and mostly normal and also you have a lot on your mind, you look up at a slightly threatening sun and think, Huh. Then you look back to the ground and return to concentrating on the more mundane problems of life, such as, with outdoor temperatures chilling, has ice cream season ended for the year?

checking the weather report, it was indeed smoke from the forest fires on the West Coast, which blew across the continent. It took about a week to arrive.

It’s funny. You read about the forest fires, and think, wow that sucks. Glad I live on the east coast. But you know what? That smoke is coming for you, too.*



*The sky is still grey from the smoke even now. natural global cooling.?