Questions of the day

Dear internet,

I could google these questions, but eh.

  1. Why does my computer fan go into overdrive when I am not watching Hulu but it’s in a tab I’m not using?
  2. When do old people’s voices start to sound old and why is that?
  3. Why can my Apple computer listen in on my conversations  and yet it can’t guess which apple device I want to connect my AirPods to? Like sometimes I have my phone next to my computer. (Don’t we all)  and my AirPods just stubbornly refuse to switch over to my laptop unless I manually change it.
  4. Why is it legal for e-scooters to block sidewalks in DC? Isn’t this an ADA violation?
  5. Why is the voice recognition software that companies use for customer service phone helplines so bad at recognizing words? I mean, I know they got better tech. I can whisper something that sounds like ‘chicken nuggets’ clear across a room where my phone is located, and the next time I log into YouTube on my laptop, I get an ad for Burger King chicken fingers. Can’t our technological overlords do better? Or maybe…they really don’t want people calling customer service lines so they make it intentionally crappy.* 

*We are truly living in the robber baron age.


I have spent a lot of time on customer service helplines since I decided to change up some things in my budget. I have spent, conservatively, 5 hours on the phone to do this, including a fun trip to the UPS store to fax a document. My first job involved a LOT of faxing. it was the only way to send things between offices.