Saving for college

Dear internet,

So the time has come to save for college. Not for us, thank goodness, when I walked out the doors of my hallowed halls of higher education, I thought, good riddance, I will never take another course again in my life. But, it would be good if il bambino can graduate from the college of her choice without incurring any debt.* A Challenge to be sure, because college costs in the USA are crazy.

yes, some people send their kids to Saturday school to learn the mother tongue in an academic sense, so they may return to their country of origin for a free or almost-no-cost higher education. But plopping a child down in the Old Country with their All Hands Off educational model is a little cruel, considering how the American model of education “Everyone graduates from high school! Even the functionally illiterate!” vs. European model: “We will make it very difficult to graduate even from primary school, then train the public school teachers to discourage/bully/intimidate the poor into dropping out school during the college preparation years. For those wiley ones who make it to the public university, let’s routinely fail students so only the middle to upper middle classes will have the funds and morale to complete college. God save the oligarchy!”*

I digress. 

There are basically two options, the Coverdell education savings account and the 529. I have strong / conflicted feelings about both of them. More later.



*Also college in the US is fun and relaxing. a great way to spend 4-6 years.