Lovely Sunday Morning in the city

Dear internet,

Let us document this lovely Sunday morning. We got up nice and late at 8:30, ate breakfast and putzed around a little while il bambino ran around doing her thing.

I found the attachments for the vacuum for upholstery and so finally cleaned a month’s worth of crumbs out of the couch, and vacuumed the blinds for good measure while Babbo carried il bambino around to watch this fascinating task in action.

Then we toddled down the hill to get a croissant and a cappuccino, sitting outside in the sunshine on some benches in a parking lot under the trees. Il bambino enjoyed playing with the paper coffee jackets and cardboard cup holder. Were the benches on private property? Who knows. Lovely.

It is the little things that give us the encouragement to keep going with all the coronavirus restrictions, as we enter month nine of probably 18 months of self-imprisonment.