Fear of the internet


Dear internet,

in the renaissance, people (the church?) was afraid of people reading. like fiction. that was the premise of don Quixote,that reading would make you go crazy / introduce you to new and scary ideas. I mean in particular reading silently was viewed with great suspicion.

Now universal literacy is considered generally a good goal to aim for.

meanwhile, people are panicking over children/adults consuming too much internet. aka through google, twitter, instarest, snaptok or whatever. Like cool yer jets, old people. Your grandkids will be talking to their grandkids by hologram and virtual reality. A laptop will be as ancient as a telegraph machine. and that’s okay. it’s progress. brains will be rewired by technology just like they were through the printing press.

is it fear of technology or fear of personal obsoletion that drives all thoes think pieces and documentaries warning of the dangers of social media? Because there have always, always been narcissists, now they have a convenient platform upon which to play (and hopefully leave the rest of us alone).