Fat Project 2020

Dear internet,

Back before the internet was a popular and well-traveled place, there was a website that had random bizarre articles. Not vice, somehow more random that that. It was called The Spark.  One thing they did was experiments. I recently thought about “the Fat Experiment” where two people got paid money to try to gain as much weight as possible in 30 days. Like 30 pounds in 30 days. this was back in march 2001.

Someone remembered this and researched it, too!

A Little Internet Archeology

Indeed, there were two people, they did gain a bunch of weight, and they basically stayed in the apartment because they wanted to gain as much weight as possible. (I believe they were competing against each other, like they wanted to gain more weight, so they didn’t move much.)

Anyway, tl;dr the Fat Project 2020 is staying in our homes since March 2020, eating eating eating, except it’s like 7 months, no end, and no prize! (except staying alive.) Awesome.