Why I’m breaking up with my Instant Pot

Dear internet,

Have you ever bought something and you weren’t sure if it would be a great thing, but then you found out it sucked?

The thing I don’t like that I bought: my instant pot has broken again. It stays pressurized for *hours* after unplugging it. YIKES y’all. I ended up putting a bag of ice on top of my Instant Pot Duo Evo and that, finally, after all the ice melted, cooled the pot enough to release the pressure.

I contacted instant pot customer service and they wanted me to run this water test where I would put in three cups of water in and they wanted me to take a VIDEO so the technicians could see if steam escapes, etc. etc. etc.

And I was like…no, no way am I doing that. #1 the problem is not with steam escaping, it’s that the steam doesn’t escape! My instant pot remains pressurized for hours. I am not plugging my defective instant pot back into the wall and adding water and videotaping the steam–I mean, they cannot be serious, right?? Did no one think through the liability implications of instructing customers to get their phones close enough to capture a video of steam coming off a broken instant pot?

Instant pot’s supposed to make life easier, not harder. My feeling is, you want to test it, send me a box and I’ll send it back to you and you can complete whatever tests in your own laboratories.

So, I am now in the market for a new electric pressure cooker from a different brand, because seriously, that’s two instant pots in 1.5 years. And that is why I’m breaking up with my Instant Pot.

If you have any suggestions for a better product, I’m all ears. Should I get a Breville? a Ninja Foodi? A Crock-Pot pressure cooker?

I think part of the challenge is, the instant pot and its ilk are too cheap. I don’t think they are made to last. I use my electric pressure cooker 2-3 times a week. I think their target audience is someone who buys it and keeps it in the box and never uses it. I’d pay triple for quality. But who makes a quality electric pressure cooker these days?

A photo of an instant pot that does not work
Goodbye my Instant Pot.