Places (not) in DC II, solved

Dear internet,

The answer is, the perpetually under construction Arlington Memorial Bridge!

Usually I take the Key Bridge but there was crazy traffic and Waze suggested the memorial bridge. “It’ll save 6 minutes!” it chirped.

HAHA lol, memorial bridge was super backed up, then rock creek parkway was being weird, so we went around in circles for a while but we eventually got home.*

Arlington Memorial Bridge, under construction
Blurry Neoclassical Elegance & Traffic Cones

And the clue photo:

artfully blurred picture of the Washington monument and Lincoln memorial
the monuments are of course the Lincoln and the Washington**

Fun fact, it is technically a drawbridge, but it stopped opening in 1961. The construction project should reinstate the drawbridge functionality. The other drawbridge in the area is the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, as a child I always hoped to be there to watch when the bridge opened. Never accomplished that goal, but I still love bridges. and ferries.



*Rock Creek Parkway is usually a two way street EXCEPT during rush hour when it becomes one way. and then sometimes there are events at the Kennedy center and they just block off lanes. which is what happened. Had to turn around the Valero gas station and then get on I-66 then immediately get off it to re-approach rock creek parkway while staying in the two left lanes, which is, hoo-boy, a lil stressful. Shoulda just taken the key bridge and dealt with the veeeery slow light.

**This probably ur classic “This tv show is set in DC” image. I was surprised at how many people were biking at night along the Mt. Vernon Trail.