good gift wrapping weather

Dear interent,

So we successfully did a christmas. it was pouring rain on christmas eve and yet somehow was also 60 degrees outside. We didn’t go out for a walk amidst the holiday decor, but that is okay. It was good gift wrapping weather, is what I am saying.

Today the temperature dropped to “feels like 19 degrees” so we just stayed inside and opened presents.  il bambino really liked her presents, although the concept of christmas remains somewhat elusive. we whatsapped the famiglias. we ate the traditzionale christmas nachos. (super nachos, in fact).* took naps. very relaxing compared to years past, though there were far fewer mollusks** on the menu.



*add a tortilla now, thank me later

**egads, snails are mollusks. octopus okay. mussels yum. snails no no nope. I would not consider myself a picky eater but i draw the line at snails. yes I have tried them, a few times, but i just can’t. babbalucci, the cutest word for the grossest food.