Avocado equilibrium

Dear internet,

This year I have really evolved in my consumption of avocados. Previously, I had never eaten an avocado. Like opened one up and eaten it at home. Yes, I had eaten guacamole, in the sense that I would carefully scrape the guac off my plate and then not gag too much if my food had tiny little flecks of green.  But this year I decided I should try to eat some more healthy fats.*

at first i bought one giant avocado, slice it up and put it in a ziplock baggie to dole out little by little with my food like a garnish. But it was just too little and too much avocado at the same time.

Then I started buying bags of avocados because they were quite a lot cheaper than 1 avocado. Problem is it is hard to eat all the avocados before they go bad because I am the only avocado eater in the household.

But now I feel I have found my avocado equilibrium. I can eat 7 avocados in a week (1 a day) if I really and truly commit to eating tex mex 2-3 times within that week.  A bag of 4 otherwise. Easy! Delicious. healthy fats, and all that.



*The #1 fat in my life previoulsy was palm oil.