Hold times

 Dear internet,

I am currently on (checks phone) minute 30:00 of hold.

I know, i know, calling a customer service line on the first business day of the new year, after a 4 day long holiday weekend, during a pandemic, of course the hold times are going to be looooong. And my business is not-exactly-urgent, but I like to get things done when I feel like doing them, so here I am, at minute 30:30.

And sure i should probably just hang up at this point, but the problem is once you’ve waited 30 min, you think, I’d better hold on a bit more, it’s already been 30 min, etc etc.

minute 34:37

but nobody could ever pick up! it could all be wasted time in the end.

I mean, the nice thing about my earpods is, I just pop them in and go about my day with the static-y hold music.

And yet, here in 2021, why are we still calling customer service lines and being put on hold forever?

delta airlines had this marvelous feature where you called, left a message, and they call you back. sure, maybe it was 2 or 4 hours later, but it was far preferable than being on hold forever and ever and having to make all kinds of calculations about whether it’s worth it to keep holding or not.

minute 36:45

sigh. le sigh. le gran sigh.



PS Update: phone finally answered at 42:43. It was worth it…i guess?