Ladies of Washington DC


SCENE: A park in Northwest Washington, DC. It’s a Saturday afternoon of a holiday weekend, unseasonably warm. Be-masked children frolic, wobbling on new christmas bikes and hitting balls with their new squash racket. BABBO is next to a garbage can, tossing garbage. TWO LADIES clad in athleisure and interesting coats observe.

BABBO: (jogs back to ME) I feel very uncomfortable right now.


BABBO: I have never felt quite so…observed.

ME: Yeah, I’m getting some pretty strong ‘hope you the nanny’ vibes from them.


Avocado equilibrium

Dear internet,

This year I have really evolved in my consumption of avocados. Previously, I had never eaten an avocado. Like opened one up and eaten it at home. Yes, I had eaten guacamole, in the sense that I would carefully scrape the guac off my plate and then not gag too much if my food had tiny little flecks of green.  But this year I decided I should try to eat some more healthy fats.*

at first i bought one giant avocado, slice it up and put it in a ziplock baggie to dole out little by little with my food like a garnish. But it was just too little and too much avocado at the same time.

Then I started buying bags of avocados because they were quite a lot cheaper than 1 avocado. Problem is it is hard to eat all the avocados before they go bad because I am the only avocado eater in the household.

But now I feel I have found my avocado equilibrium. I can eat 7 avocados in a week (1 a day) if I really and truly commit to eating tex mex 2-3 times within that week.  A bag of 4 otherwise. Easy! Delicious. healthy fats, and all that.



*The #1 fat in my life previoulsy was palm oil.

Happy New Year

Dear internet,

how did we celebrate new year’s? we got some takeout and made brownie sundaes. watched part of cafe society after a mad scramble through all the streaming services to find something decent, asleep by 11. got up at 7 am today and walked down the quiet avenue. all the restaurants had one or two sleepy workers preparing food for the day. we got cappuccinos at the croissanterie across from the gym, that had people out already on exercise bikes, mouths covered in masks, enduring their new year’s resolution on a cool january 1 morning.

we toddled down the sidewalk, coffee in hand, to Dead Rat Park, where il bambino ran around merrily, playing with abandoned gym equipment (which we checked over thoroughly for deceased vermin.) Then we walked back as it started sleeting lightly, il bambino waving at the trash trucks and their orange-suited men hanging off the back. Cozy! Now indoors for the rest of the day.

i asked babbo what his new year’s resolution was, and it was “to continue to be as happy as we are now, the three of us together, all year long.”* It is now my resolution as well.



*which put my resolution to shame, which was to read books and not the interent. The internet is trash, and yet, i come here every day.


good gift wrapping weather

Dear interent,

So we successfully did a christmas. it was pouring rain on christmas eve and yet somehow was also 60 degrees outside. We didn’t go out for a walk amidst the holiday decor, but that is okay. It was good gift wrapping weather, is what I am saying.

Today the temperature dropped to “feels like 19 degrees” so we just stayed inside and opened presents.  il bambino really liked her presents, although the concept of christmas remains somewhat elusive. we whatsapped the famiglias. we ate the traditzionale christmas nachos. (super nachos, in fact).* took naps. very relaxing compared to years past, though there were far fewer mollusks** on the menu.



*add a tortilla now, thank me later

**egads, snails are mollusks. octopus okay. mussels yum. snails no no nope. I would not consider myself a picky eater but i draw the line at snails. yes I have tried them, a few times, but i just can’t. babbalucci, the cutest word for the grossest food.