Quarantine Meals Rankings 13

 Dear internet,

Here’s a little meal I whipped up with random foods I found around my house. Grilled octopus and deep fried hake. 7/10, fish could have been fresher.

grilled octopus and fried fish
Fried and grilled seafood delight

LOL I wish. Fresh seafood, forget about it, DC shut down the seafood market because people were not being responsible about social distancing.



Coronavirus Safer-at-Home Meals Ranking 6

Dear internet,

This is one of my favorite meals, Salmon & Potatoes. Slice up some potatoes, layer them in a pan on top of an olive oil coated pan. Put salmon fillets and lemon slices on top. Cover saucepan and cook on stove top until fish is flakey and potatoes are cooked through. The potatoes on the bottom get all golden brown and the salmon fat makes the potatoes dreamy. 10+/10.



salmon and potatoes
Supposedly it is wild Alaskan salmon

Laundry rituals

Dear internet,

So I finally ventured downstairs to do laundry.

I was sort of worried there would be lots of people doing lots of laundry. But no. Just one other machine was occupied.*

I washed my four loads of laundry, trying not to let the laundry basket touch the floor. I know, it’s stupid. I probably can’t catch covid-19 from the floor. Still it felt important to not let the basket touch the floor, to not let a single sock drop, for fear I’d bring the plague back to my apartment, to il Bambino.

I pushed the elevator buttons with my elbow and washed my hands thoroughly. Little rituals to feel safe. Who even knows if they work?



*I know, if you are reading this from Europe, you are probably sucking in your teeth with shock at the concept of shared laundry. So unsanitary! So gross! How could anyone be expected to share the machine à  laver le linge?! But this is life in these United States.

a very quiet Monday morning

Dear internet,

It’s a very quiet Monday morning.

I didn’t wake up until 8 am, and that was just because the garbage trucks were out, beeping and backing up.

Thank goodness there are still garbage trucks in DC.

The mayor of DC had to cut off the streets around the Tidal Basin because people were not socially distancing. Probably for the best. The blossoms are an elbow-to-elbow event most years. That said, there must be a Texan in DC who could come up with a great plan to have people drive through the blooms.

This is a photo from a February before Covid-19. Can anyone guess where it was taken? It was taken at 3 pm on a weekday.

The garden cafe at the NGA scuplture garden
Where was I?
Hover over the picture for the answer!




Coronavirus Quarantine Meals Rankings

quarI shall be assigning my meals two rankings, one for regular consumption and two for eating while sheltering in place.

1. Chuck roast in instant pot with salt pepper tomato paste and onion, served with a bag of steamable mixed potatoes

Regular score in absence of quarantine: 10/10
Quarantine score: 10/10 what quarantine?

2. Entire box of special k red berry

Regular score in absence of quarantine: 4/10
Quarantine score: 10/10 i enjoyed these pretentious frosted flakes quite a lot

3. Peas parmesan canned artichokes with whole wheat penne

Regular score in absence of quarantine: 6/10
Quarantine score: 10/10 i would eat this even without a quarantine although it was missing some fresh squeezed lemon

4. Whole wheat bowtie AND shell pasta with turkey and beef meat

Regular score in absence of quarantine: 8/10
Quarantine score: 10/10 i eat this every week, i liked mixing up the pasta shapes

5. Whole wheat linguini with canned sardines and ragu

Linguine with sardines and the okay, not great ragú

Regular score in absence of quarantine: 4/10
Quarantine score: 10/10 i love sardines but ragu is just advanced ketchup. tried rao’s and i could not enjoy a 9 dollar jar of sauce. it is good. apparently not even panic shoppers could handle it either. the choices left on shelf were spicy sausage ragu or rao’s

6. Pork tenderloin with peas and steamable russet potatoes

Pork tenderloin, peas and russet potatoes
Pork tenderloin, peas and potatoes

Regular score in absence of quarantine: 6/10
Quarantine score: 9/10 still not a huge fan but it is good