The Coronavirus Game

Dear Internet,

I came up with a game on my daily walk. The first person to mention coronavirus loses.*

It works pretty well. The first day, we couldn’t make it a block without one of us mentioning it. The next day, we got to the stoplight. And today we made it all the way through the light and down the hill before someone said “coronavirus.”

Not talking about coronavirus + taking a daily walk = becoming highly observant about what’s right in front of you.

It’s spring so people’s yards are changing daily. When we first started talking our walks, there were lovely magnolia blossoms. I got sad when the magnolia blossoms fell to the ground, but then the cherry blossoms really came out and that was even more beautiful. Now the petals from the cherry blossoms have started falling down, but it makes the trees even more beautiful because it looks like snow on people’s minivans.


cherry blossom petals on the ground
cherry blossom petals, nature’s confetti

Now the tulips and red buds are blooming. And some kind of really lovely tree that looks like a weeping willow with delicate purple-pink blooms is in full bloom. There’s a house on the corner that has the best landscaping, as soon as one plant stops flowering, another one picks up. Genius!

See? I made it a whole paragraph without talking about coronavirus!



*When I was in high school, someone introduced me to The Game. Which is, whenever you think about The Game, you lose. If you know what I’m talking about…sorry for breaking your winning streak! It had to be done.

Apartment Living in Coronavirusville

Dear internet,

So my apartment building has set forth a bunch of new rules to limit the spread of Covid-19.

We’re supposed to not use our hands to touch any surfaces such as door knobs, elevator buttons, etc.

Packages aren’t being held in the mail room downstairs—they’re being delivered to our doors, which I guess is more sanitary?

We’re not supposed to hang out in any common spaces. The lobby basically looks like a day room at a nursing home so this is Definitely A Good Idea.

No repairs or renovations, except for emergencies, whilst the pandemic rages on.

My building is full of very old people and very young people. I hope these measures help protect us from coronavirus.

Things that the building could also do:

-tell people to stop smoking indoors. folks, if secondhand marijuana smoke could save us from covid-19, though, you’d be national heroes.

-stop people from airbnb’ing their flats. should be obvious but…yeah. my building has an airbnb problem. looks like a hotel every weekend.

yours in community living,