If you couldn’t live here, where would you live?

 Dear internet,


There was some kind of starvation experiment during world war ii. The researchers discovered if you starve people, they do nothing but talk incessantly about food.*

On our social distancing walks we discuss cities we’d like to visit.

In the US, if you couldn’t live in DC or New York, where would you live?

I said Seattle or San Francisco, but Babbo said he wouldn’t live anywhere grey and cold again. Fair enough. It snowed today in the city where we used to live. Yes, it’s April 15.

“But if you go too far south, it’s alligator weather,” I said.

We walked along.

“Philadelphia. Philadelphia looks nice,” he said finally.

Philadelphia. We live only one hundred fifty miles away but we’ve never been. Things you think about when you’re stuck and can’t go anywhere.


* This must explain partly how online messageboards dedicated to women always devolve into discussions about food and calories. If I have to read another posting about how “a cup of plain greek yogurt mixed with flax and twigs keeps me full until lunch!” I think I might hurl.




Metro station shutdowns for cleaning

Dear Internet,

So the mayor of DC shut down a bunch of Metro stations.

Metro to close 17 more stations, several entrances amid coronavirus rider drop

I guess this is good to help stop the spread of people who will then spread coronavirus. Supposedly this will also allow Metro to clean the stations which they should probably be doing at least once, maybe even twice, a decade. In honor of this event, let me share this photo of a Metro Rat I saw skipping merrily along the platform.

gallery place chinatown rat
You can’t see it, but there’s a mouse running along the left side of the lower waffle style vault



P.S. I was scared of hantavirus before it was cool.


a very quiet Monday morning

Dear internet,

It’s a very quiet Monday morning.

I didn’t wake up until 8 am, and that was just because the garbage trucks were out, beeping and backing up.

Thank goodness there are still garbage trucks in DC.

The mayor of DC had to cut off the streets around the Tidal Basin because people were not socially distancing. Probably for the best. The blossoms are an elbow-to-elbow event most years. That said, there must be a Texan in DC who could come up with a great plan to have people drive through the blooms.

This is a photo from a February before Covid-19. Can anyone guess where it was taken? It was taken at 3 pm on a weekday.

The garden cafe at the NGA scuplture garden
Where was I?
Hover over the picture for the answer!




i love u dc tourists

Dear Internet,

i don’t get the tourist hate. i love ’em.

-tweens on a trip to the city, 20 dollar bill burning a hole in their pocket, you keep those pretzel carts and dollar dollar ice cold bottle of water people  in business

–  whole family driving the minivan (or RV) to dc and parking on the mall. they have a sense of optimism about the availability of parking that we should all have. but if anyone deserves a street parking space, it’s those folks who drove all the way from illinois.*

– foreign tourists who go NUTS for the squirrels and the squirrels who go NUTS for them

they all have the perspicasity to climb the steps of the lincoln memorial which i absolutely do not and i thank them for it because otherwise who knows, it might have gotten torn down to make way for another shake shack YUCK.

I miss all the tourists and wish for their speedy return.

yours sincerely,


*I used to never drive to the Mall because I was like, there is no parking. BUT now there is! At least when I go ( well, when I went) with il Bambino.

related: I think it’s a travesty that the National Parks Service is charging to park on the Mall. https://www.nps.gov/nama/planyourvisit/parking.htm

Ithink it should be free like the olden days. The NPS says, use public transit but Metro costs like 20 dollars for a family of four. So it’s like making the Smithsonian cost money when it should be free.